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TSC bourgeois

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         39105 N. Magnetics Blvd.  Wadsworth , Illinois 60083

       Phone (847) 249-4900  Fax (847) 249-4988

           A partnership to be your global leader in motor lams and automotive applications

TSC bourgeois is a joint venture between TSC International and r. bourgeois. We are located in Wadsworth , Illinois in a new production facility that has been engineered for high volume production. The combined wealth of experiance between TSC International and r. bourgeois is sure to yield new and innovative manufacturing processes in the lamination industry. TSC bourgeois continually strives toward lower costs while maintaining the highest standard of quality. During the research and development of new products , our customers are provided with the unequaled expertise of r. bourgeois and TSC International in the electric motor industry and in powder technologies for magnetic applications.

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