The following pieces of equipment are for sale. They are currently  located in Wadsworth Illinois USA
For more information as well as pricing , please contact  Tempel Smith via e-mail by clicking here


Gruenberg Conveyorized Ovens with Cooling Tunnel

Hard Ferrite :
Arc Grinder:
Grinder has a set of tracks for four part numbers, a complement of grinding wheels for the four parts , water tank , coolant pump , etc.
Unloading and drying conveyor also included. All of the spindles have been rebuilt and are in excellent condition.

2000-Liter ball mill - Dorst Model NM140-153 , S/N 91740

Dorst 120-ton 1987 , S/N 108725/9
Dorst 100-ton 1982 , S/N 100884/1
Dorst 100-ton 1982 , S/N 101374/1

Various slurry tanks , feed tanks for the presses. Vacuum tank for each press also available

Riedhammer Fast Fire Kiln . Type TR22/2x28/10-0x , S/N 82/417

Wotan Grinder , made 1989 .  037

Arc Grinder