Mission Statement and Quality Policy

It is the policy of TSC International to provide the highest value magnetic materials to its customers through a combination of exceptional quality , price , delivery and service.


1. Quality: Achieve and maintain a quality system consistent with ISO-9000:2004 International Standards. Produce magnetic materials within that quality system which satisfy our customers for quality and consistency and which meet or exceed the industry standards such as those of the  Magnetics Materials Producers Association

2. Price: Maintain cost control by encouraging innovation , having a flat organizational structure with individual empowerment at all levels and by expanding market share.

3. Delivery: Achieve speed-to-market by maintaining efficient administrative and productive systems , good internal communications and fast factory throughput.

4. Service:  Maintain excellent service by creating working partnerships with open lines of communication at all levels.

5. Resources will be dedicated to continuous improvement while ensuring a sustainable manufacturing process.

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