Manufacturing Overview

evaluate raw materials for purity levels
weigh and wet mix materials
mill and classify powder

The process of manufacturing iron powder is made up of
4 basic steps :
powder preparation , forming , curing,
and finishing. At TSC Pyroferric raw materials are
evaluated for purity levels. After the materials are accepted
they are weighed and wet mixed. The powder is further
processed to make ready for the pressing operation.

(press into "green" cores)
low temperature cure

The prepared iron powder is then formed into compact
"green" cores , using
mechanical presses. The cores are
then low-temperature cured to set-up the
organic binders.

(tumble , machine , coat , etc.)  
audit to insure all parts meet
the customers requirements

 Depending on the core configuration and customer
requirements, the cores go
through finishing processes.
This can include tumbling , machining , coating , etc.
Examples : some sleeves are centerless ground to
obtain the desired OD , toroids are tumbled and
coated , and threaded cores are ground with
Throughout the manufacturing process , the cores are
tested for quality

pack and ship

Finally the cores are tested electrically , inspected for
dimensional and visual
conformance and packed
to be shipped to our customers.